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Healthy Hair: Does your water temp change the game?


When it comes to washing your hair, what is your routine? For the typical person, we tend to get in a nice hot shower and go from there. But, could your hot shower be the reason your hair is extra wild when it’s time to tame it? The answer is, YES! But, wait! Isn’t hot water the best way for your hair to actually get clean? The answer to that is also, yes! So what is the deal, you ask? A happy medium of water temperatures can change your hair washing experience for life! Let me explain to you what I mean.

Washing hair with WARM not HOT water in conjunction with our Papaya Oil Strengthening Shampoo gets rid of dirt, oils and other buildup in the hair. It is more comfortable and it is efficient to use warm water. Rinsing our shampoo with lukewarm water is  also okay.

When it is time for the second shower step of conditioning your hair with our Papaya Oil Strengthening Conditioner, our water temperature changes once more.  After you’ve let our conditioner stay on your hair for at least 5 minutes, you should turn your dial to cool water. As cool as you can bear.

Why cold water you ask?? Cold water, unlike warm, smoothes your hairs cuticle. Your hair is smother, shinier and the moisture it needs is all sealed in. Where as warm water does the opposite. It leaves you hair’s cuticles open. Making your hair porous and in turn frizzy, frazzled, dull and poufy.

So there you have it! For shiny, smooth and moisturized hair always rinse with cold water! It will save you a lot of time in the long run.

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